Welcome to the Neocount Phoenix Security Blog, Rants, Raves, Write-ups, and Code!  I'm glad you found me!  

The primary purpose of this site is entirely educational.  A sharing of knowledge and opinions from the insane and highly caffinated mind that is me.  There are articles that I've written, some OpEd's of a non-cybersecurity nature, projects and ideas that I'm working on or completed, some tutorial videos, and, of course, writeups on different CTFs that I have completed over the years.  However, I do offer several services for small to medium businesses and non-profits. Check the Services menu for more information.
This site is constantly under construction!  I am constantly adding Hack the Box writeups, Security Blogs, Other Rants, Videos, and Projects. Take a look around.  Go to the About page and sign up for my Newletter and get notified when I add new things!  If you try a link/writeup that doesn't work, chance are that I haven't gotten that page up yet. Rest assured, I will.
At this time, only Retired Boxes are listed on this site. That is to protect the integrity of the Active Boxes and Challenges. Rather than put Active ones behind a user:pass wall, it is easier (and safer) to just not add them until they've Retired.
My "official" writeups are not in the same tone as the ones here.  The writeups here are more......conversational than an official report that I would give to a client or supervisor.  I prefer to keep things light and funny here.
Any questions, comments, or just want to connect, my social media presense and email links are at the bottom of each page.  Also, my newsletter is a great way to keep up with all of the new articles, writeups, and information that I add.  Again, I'm glad you found me and I hope you find my information and opinions helpful.
So, without further ado, let's jump down the rabbit hole to the world of Cyber Security and make sure to avoid the Queen of Hearts. I like my head where it is!