SANS 2022 Holiday Hack Challenge –

KringleCon 5: Five Golden Rings


24 December 2022, The Fifth Age of Christmas.  Herein lies the accounting of the Neocount Phoenix, Chris Ruggieri, and the finding of the Five Christmas Rings of Power



The sounds of battle are all around me.  Computer mice shattered, blockchains splintered, the thundering clack of keyboards, and an old familiar voice booming in the forgotten language of the North and frazzled Christmas cheer.  Something is not right.  This should not be, cannot be! Jack is gone.  Banished back to the Frostian World from whence he came. What is happening?

The shout of “You’ve got mail!” wakes me from my slumber.  Good, for dark have been my dreams of late. Dreams of battles long past. I crawl out of my rack to see what the commotion is about.  It is as I feared.  The beacons of the North Pole have been lit. Christmas has again come under attack and Santa is requesting our aid.  We gather our gear, pray to our Gods, and ride. We ride, not for ourselves, but for honor’s sake, for duty’s sake, for glory’s sake. We ride, our horses showing us the meaning of haste. For Christmas, we ride.