Name: Art
Hint: Can you find the flag?
Base Points: Easy - Retired [0]
Rated Difficulty:
Creator: hexp

As usual, download the file and check the hint.  The file on this one is a weird spiral of colored blocks and the hint is simply:

This one was a doozy for me.  I had never seem a programming language based on shades of color blocks.  I'm not going to lie, I checked the Forums and got a nudge from someone that had completed it.  The nudge was Esoteric Programming Languages.  Wait....WHAT??  How is this a program?  So I hop over to:


Hours of digging through languages, I finally stumble across Piet.  It fits the bill perfectly.  So, I use an Online Piet Compiler called nPiet at:


I upload the image and execute.  Miraculously, it actually IS a program.

Hunh! Who knew color blocks could be used as a program.